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Meet Bioenergy

Founded in 2002, Bioenergy is one of the pioneers in the development of renewable energy projects in Brazil.

Mastering the whole cycle of energy production, the company operates within an integrated business model - from development through implantation, commercialization, to operation and maintenance. The entire process is performed by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals, where each team member offers a special treatment to each phase, thus generating better effort and efficiency to ensure the success of operations.

Present in various Brazilian states, Bioenergy has structured projects of wind power in the Northeast region of Brazil, having been hired within the guidelines of the Brazilian Program of Incentive to Alternate Sources of Power (Proinfa); at auctions in the regulated market (ACR) conducted by ANEEL; and has also negotiated in the free market (Mercado Livre - ACL). Currently, Bioenergy holds the position of the 4th largest wind power auction seller in Brazil.

In 2011, Bioenergy enters for good in the energy generation market, with the opening of the parks Aratuá 1 and Miassaba 2 in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, expanding Brazil's energy matrix on 28,8 MW.

With its innovative essence, in 2012 the company enlarges its portfolio of renewable energy by developing solar generation projects and consolidates an important milestone in the Brazilian energy sector.

Always being up to date with advances in the energy area, Bioenergy responds to the sustainability challenges, following the concept that development and respect for the ecosystem should follow hand in hand.

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